AMBRA has its roots since the early 60s.

Giuseppe and Margherita Toppino began their journey, which has lasted more than half a century, working for the most important companies in the sector. The dream of creating a line of their own, however, began to accompany them after a couple of decades; the satisfaction and the commitment that they put into their business, pushed them in 1988 to take an even greater step and so AMBRA was born...

Since then our brand has established itself as one of the most reliable brands on the market.

Certainly it is one of those Italian brands that manages to keep its head high with the French masters abroad, having nothing to envy not only in terms of design, materials, image but also of wearability.

Today, close to that needle and thread with which the first bras were sewn, there are cutting-edge machines, which use lasers to cut fabrics that until a few years ago had only known the blades of the scissors. The computer helps in drawing silhouettes, in developing sizes, in solving problems of consumption and processing, but there are still those eyes, the same ones that since 1962 have seen hundreds of thousands of items pass by: those eyes, which never lose attention and curiosity in seeking new solutions in respect of all those who participate in this small Italian miracle, from suppliers to collaborators to end customers, because the circle closes in the awareness of everyone they are part of a unique and important reality...

Ambra corsetteria italiana
Complete Ambra early 90s

The name and the philosophy

This fossil resin, amber, is said to have been born from the tears of the Sun God’s daughters in Greek mythology

Otherwise known as the gold of the Baltic, tells of distant times, of wonders that today we no longer know, of mysteries and delicate perfumes...

Amber keeps anything intact, unaltered for thousands of years, and AMBRA wants to remain true to itself from the beginning without giving in to the mermaids who only sing for profit, who pursue gain at the expense of tradition, betraying the origins, which are made of almost ritual gestures, of joy in doing…

...for this reason for every single garment, every day that passes from the moment raw materials arrive in our warehouses to when the finished items leave them, the processing, from the simplest to the most complex, takes place within our company ... a real Made in Italy that will never betray the expectations of anyone who chooses an AMBRA garment…

Ambra corsetteria italiana

This perseverance to maintain the traditions so typical of our population, is a wealth and a lesson for us; looking ahead, holding hands with the past, means for us producing lingerie as an art rather than a job.

The satisfactions that each of us draws from seeing the result of our efforts are a continuous source of stimuli, stimuli that makes you think, of a woman bent over a sewing machine all the day, to have participated in the creation of a beautiful garment…

The eyes of the women of AMBRA speak of these things when they discover a new embroidery, when they caress a silky fabric with a professional eye, when they know they are participating in a project without match…a project that makes them proud to be part of a story, which we insist on wanting to tell unaltered for another 30 years and more…

Ambra corsetteria italiana


Ambra corsetteria italiana

Alba, where AMBRA was born and developed, is a symbolic city of a way of understanding work in its most immediate meaning: that of the effort with which the hills, which have become UNESCO heritage, have torn out acres of land to draw poignant views of vineyards in the warm colours of autumn…

In October when the grapes of precious wines (Barolo, Barbaresco, Nebbiolo to name just a few) are harvested in days that celebrate a festive and thanksgiving ritual to a land that is so benign for those who live there, our countryside is coloured brightly, the hills are filled with songs that have been handed down for generations ...

The harvest, result of the fruitful work carried out in the winter frost as under the scorching sun of summer is the same metaphor of the way that we have, inhabitants of the Langa, of understanding our activities.

The work is understood also in its modern meaning, that of the ability to develop projects, to impose its own visions of the future, to be present and active in the world that changes at unimaginable speed in respect of the teachings of the past ...

Ambra corsetteria italiana

The materials

AMBRA uses the most precious materials for its garments that the market can offer, embroideries from the Lombard looms that centuries ago embellished the clothes of the nobles of the Visconti family...

“The Dentelles of Calais” produced on frames that cannot be replaced, which continue their life at the service of beauty, worn out, after centuries of work can no longer continue and so become a source of spare parts for the other frames.

Swiss macramé made according to a century-old tradition is amazing, a meticulous work involving a long period of waiting. A technique developed in Italy, in Liguria, but in Switzerland it is flanked by techniques used for the embroidery of St. Gallen lace and has reached heights of sophistication such as to make it into a hypothetical scale based on value, perhaps the most precious raw material in the sector...

The fabrics that AMBRA prefers are never trivial, andso you can find lycra charmeuse from a thread so thin that it makes its consistency almost silky, the silk in fact, of the great Como producers, who in the footsteps of Marco Polo have made our country a crucial junction for the trade of this fabric, swarovsky, gold thread and much ... much more.

Ambra corsetteria italiana

why amber?

  • The choice of the name AMBRA comes from the precious and seductive fossil resin.


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