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AMBRA offers a wide range of bras and panties, find out which forms are most suitable for you!


The bra corbeille, which in Italian means little basket, since its name indicates a bra that collects and guards something precious and intimate ... thanks to it wide neckline, more visible than others, and to the lateral shoulder straps leaves the upper part of the breast uncovered. The breast remains half visible, giving an extremely feminine seduction effect. A form suitable for even generous breasts and enhances the forms under low-cut dresses, or open blouses.


The push-up oil bra, perhaps the most successful model of our lines, increases the volume of the breasts even to a size larger, while maintaining a natural silhouette without that artificial effect that the woman cannot bear. Its deep neckline, even in bigger sizes, sculpts, shapes and lifts the breasts, pushing them towards the center to give that sensual effect décolleté that AMBRA women have learned to appreciate.


Comfort version of the oil bra, the removable padding increases the volume that can be shaped according to personal taste, slightly higher in the centre it gives support worthy of a bra corbeille, for sizes up to cup D.


The strapless padded AMBRA is the perfect bra for a great evening look and for wedding dresses; its versatility makes it a garment to wear without straps, thanks to a thin trace of slightly adhesive silicone all along the breast, giving the possibility to show shoulders completely uncovered without sacrificing generous necklines. Suitable for medium/small breasts in the strapless version, but also for the more generous ones, fixing the shoulder straps and giving the garment a support worthy of a corbeille...


The triangle bra is the emblem of seduction lingerie. It does not change the shape of the breast and thanks to the absolutely natural look accompanies the silhouette of the woman AMBRA enhancing her sensuality. In its simplicity it allows you to dare transparencies difficult to reach with upholstered or more structured models, but at the same time offers good comfort. It is perhaps the trendiest model of the entire range of AMBRA products, but it remains limited to a use for medium to small breasts, which do not require a more complex technical construction of the bra.


This model of bra wraps the whole of the breast to offer optimal grip and maximum comfort. Slightly closed in the neckline and very suitable for the woman who tries to combine sensuality with comfort, the very elaborate technical construction gives this model a wearability of absolute quality even for generous breasts.


AMBRA cannot help but think of women with generous breasts that need proper support, so here are the bras that go all the way to the G cup. With an excellent fit they allow the woman to feel both feminine and "in place", thanks to technical features and structures reinforced with very light materials. This type of bra is a solution for those breasts that to have the right support sometimes unfortunately sacrifices seduction and lightness.


Discreet under clothes, the V-String does not let you see signs when wearing. Perfect model to wear under very tight clothes, it is produced by AMBRA with a special feature on the sides, in fact no elastic ribbons are used, but strips of soft fabric that reduce the "marking" effect in most comfortable sizes. Its shape allows you to discover the buttocks accentuating sensuality and seduction.


The thong has a cut very similar to that of the V-string, but allows you to cover the buttocks a little more, more suitable for those who do not adore the minimalist effect of the V-string, just as suitable under tight clothes, for a look that ranges from elegant to the sporty.


The classic model of the lower parts, completely covering, is produced by AMBRA both with the back part in fabric, for comfort and discretion, both with light materials that give a comfortable garment, transparency and seduction.


The high-waist panty, ideal to ensure flat stomach and maximum comfort, can be produced with techniques that make it slightly restrained, it is a model that thanks to the vaguely retro style makes the panty not only comfortable but even intriguing.


The queen of the lower parts, thanks to its back part that is a mixture of comfort of the briefs and the seduction of the thong, gives the buttocks the effect of seagull wings which is a must for the modern woman. Both in transparent and non- transparent material it is now the article that cannot miss in the lingerie collection of every woman, without distinction of style, size and age. The absence of elastic parts on the borders and the high leg makes it invisible even under the most adherent clothes, a real jewel that has made the briefs not only an accessory to the bra but a tool of complete seduction.


why amber?

  • The choice of the name AMBRA comes from the precious and seductive fossil resin.


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